These Are Turned With Or Without Texture, Sanded And Then Oiled With Eurethane. I Then Use Forstner Bits To Drill Holes For The Semi-Precious Stones And A Marine Epoxy To Keep Them In Place. I Will Then Use A Router To Carve Out The Space For The Ammonites(Fossils From The Jurrasic Period Some 350-400 Million Years Old) And Sometimes Rivers Which I Will Pour With A Metallic Epoxy. The Bottom Then Gets 2 Coats Of A Countertop Epoxy And Bearings Rated To 1000lbs With Rubber Bumpers So It Doesn’t Scratch Surfaces It Is Placed On. The Top Then Gets 2-4 Coats Of A Countertop Epoxy Finished To Perfection. The Epoxy Is Stone Coat Countertops So That Is Completely Food Safe And Heat Resistant. You Can Literally Take A Casserole Out Of The Oven And Place It On Top.
They are all Food Safe, Heat Resistant & Scratch Resistant.