Turned with or without texture, uses the Gillette Mach 3 or 5 and can be special ordered for the Gillette Fusion, metal finishings can be chrome, gunmetal or gold. They are waterproof from the inside out by changing the cellular structure of the wood and then several coats of the best marine varnish, Epifanes from holland. You can leave them in the shower forever with no worries.

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Vessel Sinks

Turned green (wet) and then dried in a slow dehumidifier kiln for 3-7 months depending on the wood type. This will allow the bowl to dry in a rather oblong form giving the tree the final say in the shape. I then change the cellular structure and apply 8 coats of Epifanes inside and out. You can clean the sink with a variety of cleaners including Windex, Tilex, 409 and even TSP. They are guarenteed a 30 year shine and lifetime waterproof. Do not use any harsh abraisive such as comet as this will dull the shine. Unless I already have the sink you are looking for in stock the finish time is 8-10 months.

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These are turned in a variety of types including ball point, gel ballpoint, rollerball and fountain. Fountain nibs are medium,German and Iridium except in the Majestic gold. Pen kit names are Majestic gold & Rhodium(rollerball or Fountain), Majestic Rhodium(rollerball or fountain) , Vertex chrome,gold or gunmetal (rollerball or fountain), Designer chrome,gold or gunmetal(ballpoint), Slimline chrome, gold or gunmetal(ballpoint) Gatsby chrome, gold or gunmetal(gel ballpoint) They are finished with 2 coats of a wood sealer, 2 coats of a high friction polish and 2 coats of wax, all Mylands products from London. They will darken a bit overtime and you never need any maintenance conditioning.

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Earrings & Necklaces

These are all hand shaped thick,sanding the outside to perfection and then splitting them down the middle so each pair will bookmatch the other. I then add the semi-precious stones or wrap the silver or both and apply 20 coats of a crytal clear enamel. This process keeps them shiny and prevents the silver from tarnishing. The earwires are sterling silver but no crytal clear enamel so you will need to use a silver cleaning cloth to keep them clean. Plastic bell backs are included with each pair.

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Lazy susans

These are turned with or without texture, sanded and then oiled with eurethane. I then use forstner bits to drill holes for the semi-precious stones and a marine epoxy to keep them in place. I will then use a router to carve out the space for the ammonites(fossils from the Jurrasic period some 350-400 million years old) and sometimes rivers which I will pour with a metallic epoxy. The bottom then gets 2 coats of a countertop epoxy and bearings rated to 1000lbs with rubber bumpers so it doesn’t scratch surfaces it is placed on. The top then gets 2-4 coats of a countertop epoxy finished to perfection. The epoxy is Stone Coat Countertops so that is completely food safe and heat resistant. You can literally take a casserole out of the oven and place it on top.

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These are turned wet and then dried slowly in a dehumidifier kiln for 3-6 months depending on wood type. I then bring them out, sand them completely top to bottom and then add a coat of food safe oil. Then they are buffed, semi-precious stones are added with marine epoxy and wood dust so no cracks are exposed. Then a second coat of food safe oil is applied. After this a coat of Mylands wax is added and then a high friction buff to bring out the depth and shine. They are food safe for any food you care to place in them. Simply wash in warm water and dry. After several washes start adding olive oil to replinish the wood and help build up a beautiful patina.

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Please contact me for price and availability.

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